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All sessions (full body/partial body) include an integration of Eastern & Western modalities where therapists will customize your session based upon your healing needs & specific conditions.

Please see below for the different modalities that may be used. 


Medical Massage Treatment:

Treatments are customized to the needs of each individual client. See below for a list of modalities that may be used during your session. You may also visit the "Services" page for more information.


Practitioner Jui Chu Grace & David:

30 minute session ----------- $75

60 minute session ----------- $145 
75 minute session ----------- $180
90 minute session ----------- $215

Therapist Azusa, LMT

30 minute session ----------- $60

60 minute session ----------- $95
75 minute session ----------- $120
90 minute session ----------- $145




Pediatric Massage Therapy (ages 5 yrs - 14 yrs):

This therapy session will address your child's neck & back tension, stress, sports injuries and more. 
Therapist Azusa, LMT

30 minute session ----------- $40

45 minute session ----------- $60
60 minute session ----------- $80

In-Home Medical Massage & Advanced Bodywork Therapy: 

Practitioner David

David will visit your home or office (within 5 mile radius of our clinic) with the massage table and all other supplies for your treatment. $60 will be added for every 30 minutes beyond the 90 minute session.




Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Medical Massage Treatment (4 Units up to 1 Hour): $180+

This session is specially for treatments of injuries suffered by MVA. We accept most automobile insurance. Please call or email us for more information.



 Modality used for Medical Massage Treatment includes the following, but not limited:


Acupressure Therapy,

ADHA and Autism Therapy,

Anxiety/Depression Therapy,

Craniosacral Therapy,

Cross Fiber Friction Therapy,

Cupping Therapy,

Diabetic Treatment Therapy,

Electric Pointer Therapy,

Entire Body Energy Balance Therapy,

Herniated Disc Therapy,

Geriatric Medical Massage Therapy,

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy,

Migraine and Headache Therapy,

Mind Body Integration Therapy,  

Myofascial Release Therapy,

Neuromuscular Re-education Therapy,

Oncology Massage Therapy,

Osteopathic Stretch Therapy,

Parasympathetic Dominance Therapy,

Pediatric Medical Massage Therapy,

Post Birth Reconditioning Therapy,

Post Concussion Therapy,

Pre or Post Surgery Therapy,

Prenatal Massage Therapy,

Reflexology Therapy,

Scoliosis Therapy,

Shiatsu Therapy,

Spinal Cord Therapy,

Spinal Stenosis Therapy,

Sports Massage Therapy,

Stress Reduction Therapy,

Trigger Point Therapy,

Weight Reduction Therapy,

Zen Meditative Breathing Therapy 


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